10 Impressive Benefits of White Tea

Tea is the beverage that almost everyone had once in their lifetime. Tea supposed to vary on demand of one. As there are different kinds of tea for different mood swings.

White Tea

White tea is derived from the sun-dried buds and leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis. Additionally, This type is the least processed out of all other variants. Since it is packed with all essential nutrients, white tea is considered superior to all teas

Why do we call it “White Tea”?

It is simply because the buds of the plant have fine, silvery-white strings. Moreover, These impart a light and sweet flavor to this beverage.

However, White tea has not been studied as much as various teas, like green tea, because it’s not as popular. Additionally, More human research on white tea would help clarify its health benefit. White tea is a great addition to the diet and it is easy to prepare.

Let’s Checkout The Benefits

  1. Help You Lose Weight
    White tea has a level of caffeine and catechins like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). In this compounds seem to have a synergistic effect. 
  2. Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
    It is strongly linked to chronic inflammation, which has associated with a variety of factors. This includes diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits like smoking.
  3. Highly Rich in Antioxidants
    Too much free radical damage can have harmful effects on the body. It is linked to aging, chronic inflammation, weakened immune system, and a variety of harmful diseases. 
  4. Protect Teeth from Bacteria
     Fluoride will help prevent dental cavities by making the surface of teeth resistant to acid attacks by bacteria in preposition with sugar. 
  5. Lower Risk of Insulin Resistance
    Insulin is an incredibly important hormone. It helps move nutrients from the bloodstream into the cells to be used or stored for later. As a result of various factors, including high sugar usage, few people stopped responding to insulin. This is called insulin resistance. 
  6. Protect Against Osteoporosis
    Research has shown that free radicals and chronic inflammation may accelerate osteoporosis. These two factors may suppress cells that aid bone growth and promote cells that break down bones.
  7. Protect Against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases 
    Compounds in white tea, like the polyphenol EGCG, lower the risk of developing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Test-tube and animal studies show that EGCG can suppress free radicals, reduce inflammation and reduce various risk factors for both diseases. 
  8. Help Combat Skin Aging
    External aging occurs when environmental factors damage skin and promote aging. E.g., the Sun’s UV rays can damage skin over time by inflammation.
  9. Boosts Memory
    White tea contains polyphenols such as manganese, zinc which improve memory and concentration while reducing brain fatigue.
  10. Stress Reduction
    Are you Anxious and Stressed? Start drinking white tea in the morning and afternoon. It contains theanine, which helps calm frayed nerves and leaves you feeling relaxed.

Is White Tea Good For You?

Yes, White Tea is very beneficial to your health in numerous ways if you take it in proper quantity at regular intervals. In addition to aiding weight loss and helping in the treatment of diabetes.

But, when it comes to reducing heart risks, blood purification, protect teeth from bacteria, can fight against cancer. White tea has a preposition of antioxidants, which makes it an incredibly healthy tea. Research has the link of white tea and its components to a variety of impressive health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease and cancer. It can also help to lose weight.

Are there any side effect of white tea?

Well, now you are aware of the benefits but we should also know the side effects because every body reacts differently to certain things. Take this thing like “Peanuts” are not allergic to most people but to few people yes its allergic. Same way, we are going to see if you really should take white tea or not?

  • If you are facing health defects including insomnia, nervousness, agitation, dizziness, and other effects on your central nervous system. We would strongly recommend not drink white tea and try out herbal or ayurvedic tea.
  • White tea extracts can even cause gastrointestinal troubles when taken in larger quantities, so mind your dosage. Don’t take it in large quantities.
  • If you are on your Iron Supplements, We will suggest drinking this tea before having your meals.  In addition, White tea is rich in flavonoids.

Hope now you are clear about, what is white tea good for. Moreover, Just keep these points in mind and bask in the benefits derived from the heavenly white tea.

Now, It’s your turn to tell us how white tea has helped you. Have you tried white tea? We’d love to hear how it turned out. Also, Do give your feedback by commenting in the box below.

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