Are Black Tea And Green Tea The Same?

Tea is the most beloved beverage loved by all. In the categories of tea, milk tea, black tea, green tea are some of the popular beverage. As Both black and green teas come from the leaves of the same plant, few people think that both are the same just the color is different. Is this true? Nah! Both come from the same plant but not both are the same. 

The main difference is in the leaves. Green tea leaves are not processed as much as black and whereas, the nutrient content is also different in them. Both teas are amazing in health benefits but if you’re still debating about what to choose, just look deeply over the difference between them.

Green Tea – It is one of the most commonly consumed health drinks in the world. Green tea leaves contain a high number of concentrations of antioxidants known as polyphenols that helps to maintain cholesterol level in the body. Leaves of green tea do not undergo a 100% oxidation process, and therefore, retain key nutrients.

Black Tea – Black tea undergoes the fermentation process. So, when it comes to antioxidants, black tea has lower hands than green tea. Black tea consists of more caffeine than green tea, one can find about one-third of the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Also, black tea is more acidic than green tea – but this can be brought down by adding a few drops of lemon into it.

Here to learn the basic difference between green tea & black tea for not being confusing anymore! 

Which is more good on the basis of caffeine?

Type of TeaCaffeine (in mg)
Green Tea9 – 50
Black Tea42 -70
Caffeine in a cup of tea

From the above information, green tea contains much less caffeine than black tea and one can find only a fourth of the caffeine found in a cup of coffee.

Which one should you drink?

What if you have been drinking green tea all wrong

What time are best to drink?

  • Black Tea – During Morning or Dusk
  • Green Tea – During Evening or Dawn

Adding black tea in the morning will make your day all along more energetic. Even, if you are engaged with the night shift of your job black tea can help you to not be the sleepy head. Youngsters and Adults must have the black tea in their daily routine.

Whereas, Green Tea is better suited in the evening or better when you want to avoid caffeine. During, Summer its great to have this lite tea. Old Age people & children can easily add up this tea in their routine.

The Bottom Line

AttributesGreen TeaBlack Tea
OriginCamellia SinensisCamellia Sinensis
ProcessingPartially fermentedFermented and oxidized
TasteMilder, slightly betterStronger, very bitter
AntioxidantsYesYes, but less than green tea
Caffeine Content8-30 mg per cup40-100 mg per cup
Best ConsumedWithout MilkWith or without milk
Resources : Teabox

By the above information, you can easily checkout which is best for you. But both tea have their own benefits.

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