Why Oolong Tea Is Good For You?

Oolong tea may not be as well known as green or black tea, but it has similar health benefits. These benefits are for heart, brain, bone, and dental health.
Additionally, It can also boost your metabolism, decrease your risk of developing diabetes in the human body and protect against certain tissue formation which occurs in cancer.
Oolong tea is an incredibly healthy and tasty addition to your lifestyle which can refresh you all over the day without giving stress on your mind.

How Oolong Tea is Healthy?

Oolong tea consists of green tea and black tea components. Because it is half-oxidized, it has more catechins than black tea. However, antioxidant activity in tea doesn’t come only from catechins – caffeine, theaflavin, gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, ellagic acid, and kaempferol-3-O-glucoside are antioxidative compounds as well.
Oolong tea is half oxidized, so it contains EGCG too. One Chinese study showed that a gram of dry oolong tea leaf has around 20-30 mg of EGCG Level.

Benefits of Oolong Tea

  • Lowers Blood Pressure – This oxidized oolong has at least 150mg of amma-amino butyric acid) per 100 grams of dry leaf more than other tea types. Studies showes GABA tea may reduce high blood pressure by 14-17% compared to controlled groups.
  • Aiding Weight Loss – Oolong tea is one of the most popular weight-loss teas for reasons. Study showes that oolong tea may help in reducing a “high fat diet-induced gain in weight, hepatic lipids and white adipose tissue weights.
  • Anti-hyperglycemic effect – Polyphenols in oolong tea will be helpful in placing digestive enzyme α–amylase.
  • Improving sleep – GABA in combination with L-theanine, might be cause longer sleep and reduce sleep latency. 
  • Improving gut microbiome – A disequlibrium in gut bacteria is a trigger for many health problems—from inflammatory diseases, metabolic disorders, allergies and liver disease.
  • Protecting brain – Drinking tea may help regularly in protecting against neuro-de-generative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. 
  • Reducing cholesterol levels – Consuming oolong tea on a regular basis may impact cholesterol levels. It can reduce the cholestrol level. 
  • Fights against cancer – Studies showed that polyphenols in oolong tea might inhibits breast cancer cells growth. 
  • Improves mood and reduces stress – This amino acid is present in almost all tea. 
  • Preventing tooth decay – Drinking oolong tea before and after meal might help in keeping your teeth clean and healthy.
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