Seong Wonder Oolong Tea



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50gm 20 cups/pouch

Premium Oolong tea from Giddapahar, Darjeeling that produces a delightful golden yellow liquor with a light spicy aroma.



The best Indian Oolong Tea that has a combination of cherrish & oaks notes aftertaste is a heart winner for most tea drinkers! Having a brewing time of 3 minutes, this tea fills the air with its aroma of caramel and a spicy texture that is beyond words to explain! Coming from Giddapahar tea garden, Seong Wonder Oolong Tea is processed using Assamica tea leaves that compels the tea lovers to explore this tea. that produces a delightful golden yellow liquor with a light spicy aroma. A perfect afternoon tea that helps to re-energize you, a cup of this tea will always be as refreshing as the first cup of the day!

All tea leaves contain certain enzymes, which produce a chemical reaction called oxidation. Oxidation is what turns the green tea leaves into a deep black color. Green tea is not allowed to oxidize much, but black tea is allowed to oxidize until it turns black. Seong Wonder Oolong tea is somewhere in between the two, so it is partially oxidized. Check out How to brew Oolong Tea by Oh How Civilized

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Tea Leaves

Steeping Notes

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Recommended number of steeps – 1-2

The Estate

Giddapahar tea garden is located on the gentle slopes of Kurseong valley which is at a distance of 4 kilometers from Kurseong town. The chinary tea bushes along with some clonal varietals in this garden are grown at an elevation from 4500 feet to 5200 feet from the sea level. The tea bushes are planted in an area of 94 hectares out of the total 115 hectares of the garden area.

Giddapahar tea estate is known for its exquisite and characteristic Darjeeling teas grown from the century old china bushes. Its first flush teas from china bushes are most famous and much sought after. This tea from the spring season has a light yellowish liquor, is slightly astringent and mellow to taste, which is the characteristics of an excellent Darjeeling tea. This garden also produces exquisite hand rolled white teas mostly from its AV2 clonal cultivars. These white teas are named as Giddapahar Clonal Tips has floral and smooth taste and are much sought after by tea lovers around the globe. On an average this tea garden produces 30,000kg of Darjeeling teas annually from its 94 hectares of cultivable land.

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