Special 26 Green Tea


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100 gm Vacuum Pack

A healthy drink from the high-altitude region of Nepal


Special 26 Green Tea is collected from the high-altitude farms of Nepal. It makes a strong-green-colored liquid with a wild leafy aroma. Green tea is proof of Nature’s love for mankind. The bitter-sweet taste and charming fragrance of this tea freshen up your body and mind instantly. Taking two cups of this green tea per day can keep a number of diseases at bay!

Special 26 Green Tea is packed with all the goodness of nature. An aromatic Nepal green tea that guarantees a divine flavor in every sip.


special 26 green teaspecial 26 green teaspecial 26 green tea



Green Tea Leaves

Steeping Notes

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Recommended number of steeps – 1-2

The Estate

An excellent getaway from city life, Ilam is famous for its tea. It is a district largely covered in tea bushes with a hill town right beside a plantation enjoying views of pristine landscapes made up of sloping tea gardens, mountain streams, dense natural forests, holy sites, and unique culture. Ilam district is in far eastern Nepal, north of Jhapa, and has West Bengal (India) in the east.

Elevations in the Ilam district range between 140 m to 3,636 m above sea level. Ilam is one of the richest districts in Nepal when it comes to cultural diversity & natural landscape. Most of the land is covered in tea bushes and the Special 26 Green Tea has lovers in many countries including Europe and the U.S.

Note: All nutritional information stated here represents an approximate estimate. Exact nutrient values may vary.

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  1. Pooja Rawat

    This is so much better than regular green tea. The flavor is so natural without being pungent. It has urged me to shift to green tea and ditch the regular chai.

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